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For Non-Japanese Patients Without Public Health Insurance

We offer examinations to non-Japanese patients, but we do not offer any interpretation or translation services in foreign languages.

We do initial acceptance screening and treatment payments through , three international medical coordination companies that offers translation and interpretation, to help make the process smoother, safer, and more comfortable for non-Japanese patients without public health insurance requesting examinations or a health check-up.

If the patient is at an N1 level Japanese proficiency, interpretation is not required.

If the non-Japanese patient is not able to speak Japanese, he or she must be accompanied by a Medical interpreter. You can request an interpreter through one of our partners, including three international medical coordinator companies.

*In general, any required fees will be charged through our partners as listed above.


About Visa for Non-Japanese Patients

We require all non-Japanese patients to hold a visa that allows staying in Japan for more than 60 days from their request for an examination. In some cases, patients may need to stay in Japan for long-term treatment, or may need to continue visiting Japan several times. You can apply for a medical visa through our international medical coordinator companies. *Fees for creating personal reference letters will be charged through our partner as listed above.


Application for consultation

International Medical Service Center at the Tsuyama Chuo Hospital (Mr.Ino  Mr.Ota  Ms. Tomita )

 TEL:0868-21-8111(ex.2114)In Japanese only.




Our Partner Medical Coordinator


Company name Medical Tourism Japan Co., Ltd.
Phone 050-5532-4488 (IP phone)


Website http://en.medical-hokkaido.com
  Certification for Visa for Medical Stay Personal Guarantor Institution B-006


Company name Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd.
Phone 03-3811-8251(Japan)  010-8592-7080(China)




  Certification for Visa for Medical Stay Personal Guarantor Institution B-001