Tsuyama Chuo Hospital English Site

About Us


Our Philosophy

We warmly offer our support to everyone in the local area.

Basic Policy

・Offer emergency services to all

・Offer the latest in medical care

・Strengthen cooperation with local medical organizations

・Promote activities that contribute to the community

・Concentrate on education and human resources development

・Aim for healthy operations


Nursing Principles

・Nursing that respects life and humanity

・Aim for holistic nursing considering the patient and their family

・Nursing that meets the needs of the times and the latest in medical care



Diagnosis and treatment department








Hospital Overview

Reception hours

・Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (appointments are in the afternoon)

・Reception, 8:30 to 11:30 am


Days Closed

 Saturday, Sundays, and public holidays, including end of year and New Year's holidays (December 31 to January 3)



Some medical care requires an appointment and some departments are not open on Saturdays. Please confirm before coming in.

Emergency visits start at 5:30 pm. The attending physician may change due to scheduling. Thank you for your understanding.


Number of hospital beds

General ward:471 (including 6 for NICU)

Emergency center: 26 (4 for ICU, 22 for HCU)

Tuberculosis ward: 10

Infectious disease ward: 8

Total: 515


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Tsuyama Chuo Nursing College
Tsuyama Chuo Nursing Care School



For Visiting Patients


 Copay and deductibles

The copay and deductibles differ based on whether you are enrolled in the Japanese National Health Insurance program or not.

Copay and deductibles
Enrolled in the Japanese National Health Insurance program 10% to 30% of the total medical costs
Not enrolled in the Japanese National Health Insurance program 100% of the total medical costs



Initial Examination Fees

Please bring a letter of introduction from your primary care physician when coming to our hospital for the first time. If you do not have a letter of introduction, a fee of ¥5,400will be required.



 For Patients Making Emergency Visits on Days Off or Outside of Normal Hours

There are many patients with non-urgent mild symptoms who make emergency visits outside of normal hours. We hope to improve this situation and be able to offer true emergency care. If a patient comes outside of normal hours with non-urgent symptoms, we will charge an Extended Hours Medical Fee of ¥5,400(tax included) for each visit. This is to ensure that we can offer immediate care to those patients who have severe symptoms. Thank you for your understanding.


The following patients will not be required to pay the Extended Hours Medical Fee




Requests from the Hospital

Refrain from smoking

The hospital is a no-smoking area. If you need to smoke, please do so outside the main or emergency room exits.


Cellphone and computer use

Please refrain from talking on your phone in places other than the designated inside the hospital. The phones used by our medical staff are dedicated hospital lines (internal lines). These phones do not have an effect on medical equipment, unlike regular cell phones, PHS, etc.

Please use cell phones, smartphones, and computers in a polite and respectful manner